**Angel's Healthy Spa Presents**
Creating Your Dream Natural Hair 
2-Day Hands On
Natural Hair Workshop in Clarksville, Tn 

Friday, April 24th 2020


Saturday, April 25th 2020
This Hands On Workshop is designed to guide you step by step in creating the Natural Hair of Your DREAMS!!

This all starts with learning how to grow your hair longer and what special ways your natural hair styles looks amazing!
During This Exclusive Hands On Workshop You Will...
  • ​Get hands on practice of how to retain more length.
  • ​Learn how to grow your natural hair longer and faster
  • Create a realistic timeline to reach your hair goals.
  • ​ Learn how long it will take to achieve your desired length
  • Learn how to upkeep your hairstyles at home.
  • ​​Learn what things you are doing everyday that prevent you from growing your natural hair longer
  • Get hands on experience in learning the secrets in reviving your twist and braid outs
  • ​Learn how to choose between doing an individual twist out or flat twist out
  • Learn what type of products to use when doing your twists or twist out/ braid or braid outs
  • ​Learn how to take care of your twist outs so they last more than 1 day
  • ​Learn the steps needed to achieve your dream natural hair goal
Angel Barnette
Angel is a Natural Hair Specialist with over 10 years of experience. 

She has a passion for teaching others how to have the healthiest natural hair possible and a goal for helping as many naturals as possible!
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